RADAR Construction Management System

RADAR Construction Management Software

Enhance Project Efficiency

  • Build company and project specific CSI Logs to easily manage project information through standardized processes
  • Track Submittals through the entire approval process to make certain that equipment and material requirements are met
  • Create and Log Requests for Information (RFIs) to ensure decisions are made throughout the construction cycle
  • Log and store drawings, specifications, estimates, photos, issue and even video and audio files to maintain thorough documentation assignments
  • Monitor field performance to identify areas for improvement from crews and other contractors
  • Generate professional, easy-to-read documents that can be emailed, printed and downloaded
  • Maintain an archive of all project data once the contract is complete so warranty and facilities maintenance information can be easily accessed

RADAR Subscription Plans

We believe pricing based on the number of users is the simplest and best pricing plan.  We don't base our pricing on the size or type company, number of projects or type of users.  We also don't charge for "visitor" users. 

* When you receive a RADAR proposal you'll have a one time on boarding fee based on the plan you select.  The one time fee will be discussed with you in detail to make sure that both the RADAR team and your team understands what your needs are to implement RADAR successfully.  If needed, we provide additional training and implementation for an added fee.

Finally, we've seen some of our competitors charge based on a month to month plan.  While that might be fine if you're subscribing to a streaming movie service like Netflix® or Hulu® it doesn't work as well when implementing a new method of tracking projects.  It takes time to get people on board and used to a new system and we want to help you get a project or two run through the RADAR system.  That's why we require a twelve month subscription backed by our money back guarantee. Our success depends on your success and we work with you to make sure that RADAR is working for your company.

Want to learn more?  Request a RADAR demo.